Since its first steps in 1972, Sobh industries have been dedicated in providing its customers with a wide range of quality food products and exceptional service.

Our Journey has been a challenge; a challenge to deal with a commodity as vulnerable as food products while ensuring a reliable and consistent supply; a challenge to continuously develop superior products and introduce new products to the Egyptian Market to meet the requirements of our sophisticated consumers.

We established rigid purchasing standards and specifications as well as a Quality Control system that ensures that only the finest and freshest products are supplied under our brand.


SOBH for Food Industries and Cold Stores factory is located in 6th of October City, Egypt. The location is few miles from Cairo - Alexandria road.

In the year 2011, we started the production of smoked seafood products.

Our new line of products is gaining market share by the day and because of our team’s professionalism and care, we are able to introduce a new product almost every three months.


Engineer Mahmoud Sobh
  • Working in the field of frozen seafood since 1972.
  • Sole agent for the Soviet Union Fleet for frozen fish for 27 years distributing more than 120,000 tones per year.
  • In 1980 he owned a farm of 150 hectares for growing vegetables and fruits.
  • Board member in Misr Cement Qena.
  • Board member in Suez Canal Container Terminal (SCCT).
  • Established and Chairman of Investco Company that owns over 5.5 million m2 in the new project of East Port Said.
  • Acquisition of El-HodaMasr Factory in 6 Of October city in year 2008 for frozen fruits and vegetables.
  • Establishing a new Factory in Port-Said for seafood packaging.


Our aim is to further develop NOUR brand as an international leading Seafood brand in the retail world. NOUR can face this difficult challenge thanks to its flexibility and its proven ability to cross borders and bridge cultures.

With its commitment to continuously develop new and innovative products that meet the culinary requirements of a changing world, NOUR hopes to deliver the best by getting connected only with the best.


Product Compliance TRCU (Food Safety).

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

ISO 22000:2005.